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Founder, Roger HockettFounder, Roger Hockett

WorkSpaces Founders

State of Washington Corporation, 1994 Roger Hockett and Wendy Girdlestone Hockett are the sole stockholders.


Roger has over 25 years experience in interior design, space planning, and furniture manufacturing. His skills range from hand craftsmanship to managing large corporate installations. He has been a consultant for leading furniture manufacturers, and has a background in CAD/CAM software and its application in furniture design, space planning, and manufacturing.

Roger has designed over 3,000 home office installations and hundreds of workstations for difficult ergonomic applications, like publishing companies.  Roger has helped maximize space for start-up technology companies, designed educational computer training rooms, and provided design and engineering remotely via digital media. To see images of Roger’s work, please visit his Design Portfolio.


We specialize in providing a turn-key service of designing, fabricating, delivering, and installing high quality furniture to our residential and commercial customers. We are able to do this because we have:

In addition, we:


We like to provide the following information to make you feel more comfortable about who we are.  Also, please read our Customer Testimonials to see what others say about us.

No Credit Card Backcharges - Since beginning to sell online in 1995, WorkSpaces has had only one claim dispute with a customer who bought from us using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express and that claim was dismissed by the credit card company. We have an outstanding reputation with these companies.

Satisfied Customers - We have never needed to honor our quality guarantee to accept back a desk from a customer. We have rectified any problems that have occurred, resulting in a 100% satisfaction rate.

No Vendor Debt - We pay all of our vendors on time and have no outstanding credit claims against us. When we apply for credit with new vendors we always receive it immediately based on high marks from existing vendors.

Sound Company - WorkSpaces is a financially sound company, with no liens or legal claims against it.




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