Factory Suppliers for Workspaces

When WorkSpaces was founded, we chose to use outside manufacturers to fabricate products to our engineering standards. This decision allowed us greater flexibility in using various factories with specialized techniques and enabled us to do a wider range of designs. It also let us to keep 90% of our product manufacturing inside the U.S., supporting valuable jobs in our local economies. Below are a few of the high quality factories we use.

Brentwood CNC Machining CenterBrentwood CNC Machining Center

Brentwood Corporation

Brentwood Corporation, in Oregon, has been fabricating WorkSpaces laminate furniture components to our engineering specifications for over 13 years. Brentwood has one of the most technologically modern factories in North America. Their sophisticated laminating and machining capabilities allow us to easily customize standard desk components to fit the customer's unique space at an affordable price. Brentwood's high quality standards assure the customer a beautiful fit and finish for their furniture.

Qual-Fab Inc.

Many of our hardware components are fabricated to our specifications in this modern metal fabricating plant in Seattle. Being able to fabricate our own hardware means the customer is not limited to common off-the-shelf hardware. Qual-Fab also allows WorkSpaces to undertake unique applications for larger commercial office requirements.

Omnova Laminates

WorkSpaces' proprietary work surfaces and shelving are made from laminates produced by Omnova. Omnova is one of the world's premium producers of laminates for furniture components and is based in the USA. WorkSpaces primarily uses their Surf X 3D laminates, which have exceptional abrasion and stain resistance. Their wood grains are extremely realistic. When applied with heat, pressure and vacuum, these laminates conform to all edges - 360 degrees around - delivering an attractive, smooth edge.

Hafele America Hardware

WorkSpaces sources our standard hardware from ISO 9001 certified Hafele America. Hafele is one of the most innovative and high quality hardware producers in the world. Partnering with Hafele allows WorkSpaces to procure hardware technology available in Asia and Europe. Their extensive and automated distribution facilities, located in all geographical regions, enables them to efficiently provide hardware that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

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