Why WorkSpaces?

At WorkSpaces, we are very proud of our office furniture and our service! On this page and those that follow, we explain the reasons we think we’re different and why we hope you’ll give WorkSpaces your close consideration.

Surf X 3D Laminate MaterialHigh Quality Surf X 3D Laminate Material


If you want your furniture to last a long time, you absolutely must start with high quality materials. Low quality materials dressed up at the final finishing stage are still low quality. Cheap low-density particleboard has serious implications for durability and strength. That is why at WorkSpaces we use more expensive, heavy, high density MDF for the core in our tops.  Read more...


Top Quality Construction FittingsTop Quality Construction Fittings

Construction and Design

High volume, off shore manufacturers are under intense pressure to keep prices down. They often use the cheapest fittings available, resulting in weak furniture construction. WorkSpaces only uses the very best in mechanical or dowel and glue fittings to assure rigid, stable furniture that can be reassembled many times.  Read more...


Environmental ResponsibilityEnvironmental Responsibility

Environmental Issues

At WorkSpaces we believe it is everyone's responsibility to work toward a healthy, sustainable environment. See what WorkSpaces is doing to contribute to a sustainable environment.  Read more...


Standard Corner and Return Customized to Customer's SpaceCustomized Corner and Return

Customized Designs

WorkSpaces has decades of experience designing attractive ergonomic workstations and can quickly modify standard products to fit your office environment.  We take the time to understand your space, find out what you like, and learn how you work.  We enjoy working with you to find a solution that meets your goals. Read more...


Integrated Turnkey Customer ServiceIntegrated Turnkey Customer Service

Outstanding Turnkey Customer Service

We work closely with outstanding companies in ordering components, coordinating shipping and delivery, and arranging for assembly, if desired. WorkSpaces provides a very integrated level of personal customer service and keeps you posted along the way.  Read more...

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