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WorkSpaces Fittings and Construction

WorkSpaces uses only machine screws, such as infinitely tightenable System 7 fittings from Titus, or high-strength thread cutting sheet metal screws, with either threaded inserts or correctly sized pilot holes. We use only dense panel cores so that components can be taken apart and reassembled many times without any loss of strength and rigidity.  Rigid steel plates join side tables. The keyboard mechanism is solidly mounted for years of constant movement. We absolutely guarantee you will be satisfied with the construction quality of your furniture.

Fittings by Volume Stores

Most consumers are aware of the cheap knock-down (KD) fittings used by some manufacturers. These cam and pin fittings allow only 3/4 of a turn to tighten and that is it, forever! They often screw into low-density particleboard that cannot deal with any stress on the fitting, thus resulting in fractures. Furniture made this way begins to loosen as soon as it is handled. It cannot be moved and reassembled without movement between the joints.

(See graphic at left for construction comparison.)

Design Philosophy

WorkSpaces has always had a philosophy of over-engineering our products. For example, our metal cylinder legs are 3" in diameter versus 2-3/8" for our competition, a difference that results in a rigid leg with no bend or wobble. The smaller the leg diameter the more flex and movement the table will exhibit. It would be cheaper to use 2-3/8" legs since they are manufactured in larger quantities, however, we don't believe the trade-off is worth it.

Another example is our wood cabinet construction. All of our cabinets are made with a full 3/4" thick back panel that is dowelled and glued to the top, bottom, and sides. Our competitors frequently use 1/4" material and staple it to the end panels. The closet industry merely brackets the end panel to the wall, without even putting in a back panel. WorkSpaces has never built furniture this way and never will.

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