Customized Design

Disjointed Office Prior to RedesignOffice Prior to Redesign
Same Office After RedsignOffice After Redesign

Improving Efficiency & Office Design

Customers often come to us with a situation where the existing furniture consists of separate pieces that are mismatched and where the layout is dysfunctional.  At WorkSpaces, we like to figure out how to increase efficiency and improve the overall design by starting with your room shape and dimensions, learning your individual work preferences, and developing a master space plan. We see where standard desk components work and where they could be customized to improve your space plan. There is no charge for this design service.

A Common Design Problem

To the left, you see Before and After images of a home office project. The client had purchased high quality furnishings over time that did not relate well to each other. In addition, the family’s increased use of computer technology had outgrown their desks. Adding to the need for an integrated design, the children now needed computers for school assignments, meaning four people had to work in that room.

Quick & Easy Process

First, the customers emailed us a sketch of the room dimensions along with some digital photos. After a couple of phone consultations, we provided a few alternative layouts. The clients selected one layout, which we refined until they were completely satisfied. Then we quoted the project and 3 weeks later it arrived for installation.

Design Issues & Solutions:

Customers have told us they could not find any other company online that is doing what WorkSpaces does – offering a combination of standard and semi-custom office furniture at a reasonable price and with a quick turnaround.  We hope we can help you with a perfect fit, too.

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