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WorkSpaces Materials

We use only premium construction materials, as you can see in the graphic on the right. Desktops are built with smooth, high density, non-warping 1” wood fiber cores, not ¾” particleboard as used by some furniture producers. This costs more, but it means your desk will last for several decades. You can pick up and move our desks many times without experiencing any change in rigidity or integrity.

Tough powder-coat finishes on legs, commercial grade hardware, and pre-threaded inserts all add up to uncompromising quality.

Our tops, cabinet fronts, and desk shelves are formed with technology that uses heat, pressure, and vacuum to form Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) laminate around all edges of the MDF core in a beautiful, continuous covering. Thus, there are no edge-bands to chip or peel.  Laminates are balanced on the back of the core for extra strength. We have been shipping these surfaces since 2000 and have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers.

Materials Used By Volume Stores

Most inexpensive laminate furniture has a low retail price due to plastic laminates that are inferior in quality and appearance, low-density particleboard, glue that bonds poorly, and thin .02" edge-banding. Such furniture is prone to scratching, de-laminated edges and sagging, and have fasteners that cannot properly secure to crumbling mount holes. WorkSpaces has replaced hundreds of these desks for customers who bought them elsewhere, because they simply did not hold up.

Surf X 3D Laminate Technical Ratings

Worksurface Laminates

The surf X 3D laminates we use feature an innovative construction that offers a higher level of durability than standard rigid thermo foils.  These laminates are abrasion resistant and equal to or exceed ratings for kitchen counter laminates (see technical sheet at left). The wood grain colors and patterns are so realistic that even woodworkers have trouble telling the difference.

Years ago, we sold cherry veneer work surfaces, but so many customers who visited our showroom choose laminates over real wood, we decided to make our products in 3D laminates.  Not only are they durable, but the wood tones and graining are more consistent than found in hardwood.

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