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Elements of WorkSpaces' Customer ServiceElements of WorkSpaces' Customer Service

Because WorkSpaces is a specialty provider of office furniture we have the ability to offer a very high level of customer service.  We work with you one on one, taking the time to get to know what you want, discussing options, and answering all your questions.  We strive to be transparent with our customers about the terms of sale and delivery of their office furniture. 

We must be doing something right, as we receive excellent reviews from our customers and have considerable repeat business.

Customer Service Issues in The Furniture Industry

Below is a comparison between WorkSpaces and many online furniture stores and drop-ship websites regarding service issues:

Subject   Considerations

WorkSpaces will make sure that all shipping issues and costs are discussed with you and arranged before your order is shipped. We take care of relations with the carrier, not you.  Some companies that offer free shipping mean “To Commercial Dock Only”, such that you will need a forklift at a raised dock.  They do not include lift-gate, residential delivery, or other fees.  Any issues that arise on delivery, including additional charges, will be up to you to resolve with the trucker.


If we arrange an inside delivery company for you, they will be professionals with good references and a commitment to quality. They understand the nature of problems in home delivery and are trained to avoid those issues.  Other furniture companies may offer only "Tailgate Delivery", where you have to lift the furniture off the truck bed.  For a heavy pallet you likely will need to pay the delivery company extra, which you must negotiate yourself at the time of delivery.  Also, some furniture companies may use delivery "agents" who are usually persons with limited training.

Short Lead Time  

WorkSpaces has been working with a select group of vendors for over 10 years. Our working relationship is so stable that we know in advance if there will be any issue exceeding our normal 2-3 week lead time (even for custom).   Drop-ship websites may quote short lead times to get the order but have little control over actual delivery time. Complaint web sites often list overly optimistic lead times as one of the major issues with furniture consumers.

Easy Return Policy  

WorkSpaces has a simple philosophy... design a great product with quality materials and workmanship, make sure the furniture is delivered with the expected quality and in good condition, and provide an iron clad guarantee to fix anything that is wrong.  If a problem does arise, we ship out replacement items on a timely basis.  Volume discounters often advertise “easy return” since they know that many consumers will give up in frustration.  You may find the seller has several loopholes to protect them from the cost of returned items.


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